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KD Surgical specialises in a variety of Surgical Disciplines 

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KD Surgical distributes an extensive range of quality specialist ophthalmic instruments and associated consumables used in both Anterior and Posterior segment surgery.


We represent many renowned ophthalmic product global brands and our product portfolio includes a fully comprehensive range of ophthalmic products to meet all our customers’ needs.

Laser vaporization of nasal concha with


KD Surgical distributes a full range of quality assured ENT Instruments and consumables used in Head and Neck Surgery.


We represent several key ENT global brands and carry many innovative products for Otology, Rhinology, Sinus Surgery, Oral Cavity and Laryngology.



KD Surgical distributes a full range of state-of-the-art endoscopic devices providing first class innovative solutions for flexible endoscopy.


Our portfolio includes global brands in fields such as pulmonology and gastroenterology ( Biopsy, EUS, EMR/ESD,ERCP, Dilation and Hemostasis) and custom made stents.


In collaboration with our Business Partners we provide stents which are uniquely designed for the patient’s anatomy. We also carry an extensive range of disposable endoscopic accessories and devices designed and developed with full commitment to both patient safety and infection prevention / control.



KD Surgical distributes a full range of both reusable and disposable Gynae and Colposcopy Instruments and devices.


We represent many global brands and provide a broad range of products for women’s health. We carry an innovative fine flexible hysteroscope for out- patient hysteroscopy as well as a full range of plume extraction devices.


Making Abdominal Skin Incision with diat

Diathermy Accessories/ Plume Extraction

KD Surgical distributes a full range of reusable and disposable monopolar/bipolar diathermy
instruments across a range of surgical disciplines.


We represent many global brands and carry a complete range of electrodes, stainless steel and PTFE (non stick) for use in surgeries ranging from
orthopaedics to plastic surgery.


We also carry a complete range of Plume extraction devices.




Maxillofacial & Plastics

KD Surgical distributes a select range of reusable instruments for Maxillofacial/Plastics surgery.


We also carry a full range of diathermy/plume extraction devices.


We represent several global
innovators in this area bringing the finest quality and most up to date devices and technology to the market.



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General Surgery & Instrument Repair

KD Surgical distributes a wide range of reusable and disposable general surgical instrumentation. We represent several leading global instrument manufacturers with many decades of manufacturing experience.

All our Instrument Manufacturers are fully compliant with Medical Device Directive 93/42/ECC and are working towards MDR ,effective May 2021. We also provide an instrument repair service complete with validated findings report included.





KD Surgical carries a select range of aesthetic cannula from the Sterimedix - Silkann Product range.

Sterimedix UK Ltd has over 30 years experience in single use surgical products.


Silkann is a complete range of flexible aesthetic cannulas and sharp needles for the injection of dermal fillers. They are designed with the patient’s comfort in mind.



Healthcare workers in the Coronavirus Co

PPE & Infection Control

KD Surgical carries a range of medical grade PPE. We stock sterile & non sterile SMS gowns, surgical masks, nitrile gloves and surface disinfectant wipes.

We only source from trusted suppliers to ensure the highest quality standards pertain. Our 3g Medical surface disinfectant sanitising wipes are
independently tested and verified to EN14476 standards.

We distribute the 3g Medical UV-C Air decontamination unit with titanium dioxide. This unit decontaminates the air using ground breaking technology. Continuous decontamination of indoor air by eliminating volatile organic compounds, viruses & pathogens has never been more critical since the emergence of Covid-19 as a global pandemic.

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